One Mistake Every New Photographer Makes


April 3, 2019

There are two questions we get the most from people who are just becoming interested in photography:

What kind of camera do you use?

What type of editing software do you use?


We smile. Politely answer the questions. Feel complimented that they are appreciating our work. And move on.

Over time though, we started to think about how we are doing a disservice each time we answer those questions. If you rush to your computer, order our exact camera model, and download Lightroom that very instant, it does not guarantee your work will automatically turn out looking like ours. There are many variables aside from the camera body type and form of editing software that make an image beautiful…


Camera Settings



Lens Type


The list could go on…

I don’t tell you this to discourage you. I want to uncover the veil of the perfect images you see on Instagram and remind you that photography is a complicated art form. It’s more than a click of the shutter on an expensive camera. If you want to master it, you have to do your research. You have to learn, experiment, and make mistakes. We certainly did.

We’ve been reminded of this journey as we have been teaching Hannah’s husband the photography basics. We’ve seen the familiar frustration on his face as he learns about manual camera settings. Noticed his puzzled expression when we’re on location asking him where he would place a couple. And appreciated the light in his eye as something clicks in his mind for the first time.

Learning something new isn’t easy, especially when you have a full time job, family, and friends that take up the majority of your time. But, listen to this. If something is important to you. Make the time. Stay up an extra hour before bedtime. Cut out that second or third episode of Breaking Bad that you’re watching for the fourth time on Netflix. Dig in and learn.

At the beginning of our photography journey, we scoured the internet looking for free blog posts or webinars. We studied online courses until we were bleary-eyed and utterly exhausted. We got out there and made mistakes. We had a blast.

Even if you’re reading this and photography isn’t your thing. You have another dream like starting your own food truck or selling your paintings on Etsy. Whatever it is, don’t stop with the simple questions. Dive deep. Do some research and then do more. Nobody is going to do it for you. Your dream isn’t magically going to happen to you. You have to make it happen for yourself.

We are cheering you on!


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