4 Of Our Go-To Lenses For A Wedding Day


January 28, 2019

When it comes to shooting a wedding, there is a crazy amount of gear you need for the entire day. Just the amount of lenses you need alone is a lot. While you could probably get away with just using one or even two lenses for a two hour shoot, you need almost double the amount of lenses for a wedding day. Each lens is used in different situations, and works better in specific types of light. For example, the 50 mm 1.2, is great for portraits, while the 100 mm 2.8 is better for detail shots. Because there are so many lenses out there, we’ve made a list of our go to lenses that we use for every single wedding we shoot.

1. Canon 50 mm 1.2

Our portrait lens. This is used for the bridal party pictures, bride and groom portraits, family portraits, and some detail shots.

2. Canon 100 mm 2.8

This is used for most details shots and is nicknamed (by us), “Little Mama”. We use this for every ring shot!

3. Canon 24-70 mm 2.8

Our wide angle lens. This is perfect for small getting ready rooms and large family portraits that require a lot of people in the shot.

4. Canon 70-200 mm 2.8

We call this lens our sniper lens or big daddy.. It is the heaviest lens of all. We use this during the wedding ceremony and during the reception. It lets you get close up shots while staying far away from the action and out of the way of guests.


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