What if I Fail?


April 5, 2019

If you just read the title of this post, you now know what one of the most prevalent phrases I say to myself everyday. If you didn’t catch it, I’ll say it again…

What if I fail?

It’s not a very insightful thought. It’s simply really, and I say it about all sorts of things.

Should I go on a 3 mile run? What if I fail?

Should I try to make a new casserole for family dinner? What if I fail?

Should I go on a date with someone new? What if I fail?

Should I run a photography business with my best friend? What if I fail?

Ok. You get the idea.

Recently, I read a new book. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. It’s incredible. I believe every women in the world should be handed the book at birth. With each new chapter, Rachel made me reevaluate how I saw myself, and I recognized my “What if I fail” pattern.

After a few days of mulling it over in my head, I heard another one of my favorite author’s voices in my head. It was as if Dave Ramsey himself was on my shoulder saying, “Chelsea, change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

Dave uses Tony Robbins’ quote in reference to money, but it’s really applicable in any situation.

When I am so sick of the “sameness” of my life is when I will stop waiting because of my fear of failure.

If we are constantly asking ourselves if we are going to fail, we get stuck in this place of complacency. We stop moving forward, and that doesn’t help anyone.

What is worse than failing at something? Never trying in the first place.

It’s scarier to me now to imagine myself five years older wondering why in the world I didn’t push the fear aside and try.

So each time that toxic thought starts to find it’s way into my mind, I squash it as quickly as humanly possible.

How? You ask.

With distraction. I put my headphones on. Blast my favorite song. Listen to my favorite podcast or Rachel Hollis book. I go for a run, and I leave that fear of failure in the dust.

What if Hannah and I let that fear of failure keep us from starting this business? We would have never known what a joy it would be to achieve something together. We would have never met our clients, who we now fully count as friends. We would have never known the full potential or impact that we could have on the world. We would never be able to read the sweet messages that we get from our newly married couples thanking us for making their wedding days special.

I’m smart enough to know that many of you reading this have developed that same “what if I fail” mentality that I did, and I’m begging you, no imploring you to overcome it. It’s seriously life changing. Imagine what you could accomplish if you just started without the fear of other people’s opinions or worse, your own opinion of yourself, getting in your way.




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