Owensboro, KY Reid’s Orchard Wedding


May 13, 2019

The ladies gathered close and placed a hand on Abby. The air grew still as everyone closed their eyes and bowed their heads. Peace settled over Abby as each of her friends and family members prayed over her and her marriage. Hannah and I listened in awe as beautiful words were spoken over her.

It it obvious that to make a marriage work, the couple needs to love one another beyond measure. But, we believe to make a marriage exceptional, a couple needs to have a ring of support and love around them. People to celebrate with when times are great and people to run to when things get hard. There is no doubt in our mind that Abby and Jesse have all of the support they need and more. We got to see that support system grow as the day unfolded. As each prayer was lifted up. As Abby and Jesse’s personal letters were read. As each toast was made.

Abby and Jesse, your wedding day was visually stunning, but what really stood out was the love that was shared throughout the day. We felt so incredibly blessed to have been witnesses to such a gorgeous day! We can’t wait to see all of your milestones unfold as you begin your forever together! Thank you for trusting us with your first family heirloom, your wedding photos. We hope you enjoy our favorites below!

xo. Chelsea and Hannah


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