Catholic Wedding in Evansville, Indiana


September 27, 2021

Katherine and Michael are two of the nicest people you will ever meet! We are so thankful to have been able to serve them throughout their wedding process! They are both full of joy and are so kind! They are thoughtful and easy going people! We loved being able to travel to Evansville, Indiana for their wedding day!

We showed up on the wedding day and the sprinkles were starting to fall. We brushed it off as nothing and prayed that the 50-60% chance of rain that we had seen on the forecast would go away and the sun would make an appearance! That didn’t happen exactly, but the rain did hold off just enough for us to get all of their portraits done outside. We kept a close eye on the radar the entire day. Katherine and Michael had spent so much time planning their special day. We traveled so far and they had invested so much, so we were determined to give them beautiful portraits!

God definitely answered our prayers on their wedding day! Aside from the sprinkles we had in the beginning of the day, we were able to capture all of their portraits outside! We were so excited because the church that Katherine and Michael decided to get married in was surrounded by beautiful fields, and we wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful land!

What an honor to be the ones to capture their day!!! We loved getting to meet Katherine and Michael’s families, celebrate alongside of them and document their love!! Enjoy some of our favorites!


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