The High School Days

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August 24, 2018

 I’m taking you back, way back…

To the start of a beautiful friendship. Although it feels like Hannah and I have known each other our entire lives, that’s actually not true. We weren’t brought up in diapers together, and didn’t go to the first day of kindergarten together. We met in high school at a time when we both really needed a best friend. We sat next to each other in Mrs.Diaz’s Spanish I class, and little did we know, we’d become life long friends and even be business partners only a few years later!

High School Memories

We did so many fun things together, and luckily, or may not so luckily, we had smart phones so we actually have documentation of some of the fun we had during our days at DCHS. Scroll with caution…

We helped build our high school class’ homecoming float each year, which included a full week of late nights rolling and glueing tiny tissue balls and sticking them on wood shapes to create our float.

We left our mark on our high school (literally) by painting our hand prints on the wall outside of the gym. Fun fact, if you look at the photo of the handprints on the right, you can see two of our brides names alongside of ours (Ashlyn and Jennifer)! How cool is that?!

And even though our iPhone photography was questionable at best, I even have proof of Hannah and Jp’s budding romance! Little did they know they’d be married in a few short years!

The Inspiration

Seriously, those filter’s we use to think were cool… embarrassing. But, I’m so glad we have these memories! Let’s face it, our photography was so so bad. But, it can give you hope that you can start anywhere and learn to do something new and exciting! We had no idea we would become wedding photographers. But, when that dream came about, we put in the hard work and made it happen for ourselves! You can too! Even if people think you’re crazy, do it anyway. Make your dreams happen. You may end up like us, looking back so glad you just started. We have no idea where this dream will end, but we are having a blast in the meantime.



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