Summer L&L Farm Wedding


June 28, 2021

We were so honored to be at Molly and Marlon’s wedding day a few weeks ago! It was our first time exploring L&L Farms and it did not disappoint! From the big open air reception barn to the cozy white bridal cottage and the acres of beautiful farm land, it’s the perfect place to get married! We are so glad Molly and Marlon chose such a special venue.

We always discuss our favorite part of the day on our way home from a wedding. Most of the time our opinions are different, but not this time… If you’ve been to a wedding, you know the best part is the anticipation of the bride coming down the aisle. The groom seeing her for the first time. The pastor welcoming everyone to the wedding and the lead up to the vows. Well, guess what happened as soon as Molly made it down the aisle? A train went by. I’m not talking about a few train cars went by in the distance. It was a full 5 minute long train procession pretty much right next to the ceremony space! It was long and it was loud, but you know what? Everyone paused and laughed through it. As soon as the train finished, the pastor’s very next line was, “love is patient, love is kind.” I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up! It was the perfect bible verse to follow such a long pause, and it was the perfect analogy for life and love. We can plan all we want, but life itself is unpredictable. We have to be patient and kind and rely on each other to make it though the bumpy train ride of life, which is what marriage and family is all about. Needless to say, sometimes the best, most memorable part of the day is unplanned.

Molly and Marlon, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you two and your two beautiful kids. It was such a blessing to walk through the past year with you. We are so happy to call the two of you friends, and we are so happy that you two are officially enjoying life together as husband and wife!


-Chelsea and Hannah

The Creative Team

Venue: L&L Farm | Photography: Chelsea and Hannah Company | Food/Cake: The Bakery Box | DJ: DJ Rio | Florist: Denise with The Potting Shed | Bar Service: Smede Events | Wedding Coordination: RavaLou’s Team | Hair and Makeup: Jessica McCall | Dress: IIa Bridal | Veil: Alice and Mae


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