Cornelia Fort Airpark Engagement Session


March 18, 2020

Hannah and I always chat about the complete opposition to what you see in our photos versus what’s going on in real life. You would never know by the look of these photos, but there were dogs running around, kids on bicycles zooming around, and it was chilllyy! Mad props to Abby and Michael for sticking it out with us in the cold, and most of all, during the Coronavirus pandemic! We are definitely huggers, but we had to air five our way through this session. I think we were all just a little extra happy to be out of our homes and interacting with other humans– even if we had to keep a safe distance! Haha!

We love shooting at this Airfield because it has the PERFECT tall grass. Who would have thought there are varying qualities of tall grass, but trust me, it’s true. Some varieties are tall and scratchy, others are so sparse that it blends into the regular grass. But this, is just right. It gives such an English-countryside vibe that we live for! Adding in Abby’s adorable purple dress and Michael’s, button-up. It was truly picture perfect!!

Abby and Michael, I swear you made each pose we put you in look and feel natural and effortless. The love you have for one another is so sweet. We had so much fun hanging out with you and teaching you all of our poses! We can’t wait for your wedding in a few months!

xo. Chelsea and Hannah


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